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What’s Inside This Building Will Make You Sick. And That’s Not Even The Most Shocking Part.

In Skopje, Macedonia at Goce Delchev University, students are forced to live in conditions that would be unsuitable for even prison inmates. The buildings are covered in mold and filth. They are falling apart, but if the students want to receive an education they must go here. Goce Delchev University is even considered the second best state school in the country, but the conditions at the Skopje dorms are so bad, the education doesn’t even seem worth it.

This large dormitory houses 1,200+ students every year. It is the biggest student dormitory in the country.

The conditions inside are sub-human. Leaking pipes are a common occurrence everywhere.

“There is no warm water. The problem is being fixed.” and Go take a shower at your boyfriends’ places!” Most of the time, warm water is not available.

This isn’t from a horror movie. This is one of the normal hallways, complete with broken lights and pipes.

Never, ever, ever go barefoot in these dorms.

The mold and grime covering the walls is disgusting.

Almost every hallway is covered in mold, decay and moisture.

The cafeteria at lunchtime. Students have to show up extra early to even have a chance at getting food.

The food supplies can barely feed a quarter of the students living in the dorm.

The food varies between pasta, potatoes, chicken steaks and sausages every day.

It’s not uncommon to find cockroaches or other insects in the food.

Spaghetti and sausage.

Barely cooke and badly peeled potatoes.

They are basically raw.

Lettuce and ???.

The cafeterias also have an a la carte section, but it’s more poorly stocked than the cafeteria itself.

After the rent is paid each month, the students are given coupons equally about 65 euros. Those coupons can be spend within all student dormitories in Skopje. The coupon store is used to purchase products, and said products are allegedly “half-the-price” than normal supermarket prices. Naturally it is far from the truth. The coupon store is almost half of the time empty.

“No salt.” The dorms are constantly out of basic supplies.

A stray dog sleeps on the couches in the lobby area of a dorm.

Attempting to get the caretaker to fix the rooms is a joke. You can also pay out of your own pocket for repairs.

Almost every room is covered in moisture.

Leaks are exceedingly common.

A student attempts to dry their clothes.

It took months for this gross mattress to be replaced.

Dorm blocks A and B, have common bathrooms, while blocks V and G have bathroom in every room. Almost every bathroom is this disgusting.

It’s nearly impossible to track someone down for repairs.

One of the “better” bathrooms.

The shower stalls are incredibly dirty.

And most of them don’t work.

A destroyed bathroom stands useless.

The corridors and elevators are unsafe. When there is major flooding because of broken pipes, no one cares.

It’s not uncommon for walls to be falling apart.

Living in this dorm would be a nightmare.

The students living in the filth probably contract diseases from the mold, other fungi, animals and insects living in every part of the dorms. Not only that, but there is a serious standing water and moisture problem throughout the buildings as well. Being a student at this Macedonian university is legitimately dangerous. Share these disgusting conditions with others. They need to know the filth some kids are living in.

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