Wednesday, September 19

What They Found On A Hike Is Bizarre And Incredibly Morbid…This Isn’t Normal

When you go for a hike, it’s always a good idea to let at least one person know where you’re going and how long you plan to be there. Usually, nothing happens and you come back safe, but there’s always that chance of disaster. Or, in the case of Redditor indigoaway, a chance of a brutal sacrifice by a possible cult.

He and a friend were on a hike when they found something deep in the woods…

Indigoaway decided to go on a spontaneous hike with a friend. Not long after they began exploring, the two stumbled upon a rusted old barrel. From the outside, it just looked like trash, inside, though?

Well, it was filled with bones and other organic debris. Indigoaway’s friend had come across it a month earlier, too.

Even though what we’re probably looking at are animal bones, it’s still an extremely freaky thing to find in the middle of the woods.

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Indigoaway said it looks like someone used a saw on the bones before throwing them into the barrel and burning them…oh, and the heads? Nowhere to be found.

While many Reddit commenters say this looks like the work of poachers trying to cover up their illegal hunting, indigoaway claims the woods are known for cult activity. Whichever explanation you believe, I don’t think it makes this discovery any less freaky.

(source Reddit)

Much of this sounds like the opening scene to a sequel of the Blair Witch Project. If I were them, I’d have hightailed it out of there.

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