Monday, October 15

Turns Out, That Giant Snake In Maine Is Actually An ANACONDA

This summer, the city of Westbrook, Maine, has been in the national press for a series of clues left around town pointing to the existence of a legendary giant snake. The most intriguing clue was a 12-foot-long skin discovered by a local river. When we last wrote about this terrifying beast, the skin had been sent in for testing to see just what the heck it really was that Westbrook was dealing with…

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This week, the results came back…and suffice it to say, things aren’t looking good. The snake skin belongs to an anaconda, a rather large and deadly species typically found in South America.


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Okay, so before everyone starts to panic, there is the possibility that the snake skin is part of an elaborate hoax. Someone could have obtained an anaconda skin and placed it there to be found by locals. (Which is just messed up, by the way.)


“It could be a hoax, I don’t know. It’s certainly interesting,” said Westbrook Police Captain Sean Lally. “I don’t know what to think at this point.”


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Let’s assume for a moment, though, that the skin is genuine. Then how in the heck did the reptile end up in Maine?


According to police, if it’s authentic, the anaconda was probably a pet at some point before it got too big and was released into the wild.


(via Unexplained Mysteries)

Bears, cougars, coyotes…Maine has plenty of terrifying creatures roaming their woods without adding a giant anaconda to the mix.

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