Monday, October 15

This Kid Completely Stopped A School Basketball Game With His Sick Moves

Ten-year-old Seth Vangeldren from Port Orange, Florida, absolutely loves to dance.

The adorable fifth grader enjoys busting a move so much, in fact, that his dream is to become a hip hop dancer. He spends hours practicing in his room while watching choreography videos to get his routines just right. The only problem is that he’s been nervous about sharing his considerable talents with the world — but that all changed when he got his chance to shine at a high school basketball game.

During the warm-up at the Spruce Creek High School game, Seth heard his mom’s favorite song come on and decided it was time to conquer his fear and bust a move.

He probably had no idea he’d get such an amazing response from the crowd! Great vibes indeed, my friend.

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Something tells me this kid is going to have a very bright future as a professional dancer. Be sure to SHARE this story if you’re impressed by his awesome skills.

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