Monday, October 15

These Classic Books Were Reused To Make Incredible Art. You Can’t Do This With A Kindle.

Mike Stilkey is a Los Angeles based artist who has a way with words… and an unusual one, at that. Instead of writing novels, he paints on them. Using the covers of discarded books as a canvas, Stilkey creates beautiful works that bring new life to old art. Not only do they look cool, they don’t require any reading.

Check them out!

1. The artist in action.

2. A woman in a red scarf.

3. The band of your dreams. I think I saw them play in Bushwick a few years ago.

4. A fishing bear and a giant, horse-holding man.

5. A sailboat in a rough sea.

6. Ballin’ dog and rabbit.

7. The world’s classiest elephant.

8. Pet owners.

9. A woman in a champagne scarf.

10. Take it all in.

(via: Colossal)

Who knew books could be so interesting? Maybe people would read more often if all covers had pugs with top hats on them.

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