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These Bizarre TV Crossovers Prove That Anything Is Possible In The World Of Television.

Over the past weekend, The Simpsons had a crossover episode with Family Guy. Both animated series have been around for a long time and are both considered to be some of the funniest shows in the history of TV. Both of them are on FOX’s animation domination Sunday night lineup, so it would only make sense to have the two shows meet up eventually. Other shows, though, had a rougher time with their crossovers. Here are some of the most bizarre and some of the more successful examples of that.

1.) Seinfeld and Mad About You.

Kramer ends up as the subletter for Paul Reiser’s free apartment in this crossover.

2.) The Flintstones and Jetsons Crossover

One of the most legendary crossovers in TV history, The Flintstones and The Jetsons had a funky crossover when the Jetson family goes back in time to visit the Flintstones.

3.) Sabrina The Teenage Witch and Boy Meets World

In an episode of Boy Meets World, Salem the cat is spotted. Salem, of course is Sabrina’s pet cat and this meant that these two TV shows exist in the same universe.

4.) Archer and Bob’s Burgers

Being voiced by H. Jon Benjamin, the characters Archer and Bob Belcher had a weird crossover moment. Archer gets amnesia and when he wakes up he is convinced that he is the hamburger restaurant owner, Bob from Bob’s Burgers. Weird.

5.) St. Elsewhere and Cheers

This classic TV moment was destined to happen. The doctors of St. Elsewhere actually had several appearances in other TV shows, but this Cheers crossover was the most notable one.

6.) Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice

Private Practice was actually a spinoff of the popular medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy. It wasn’t too farfetched that these two shows would find themselves together eventually.

7.) Full House and Family Matters

These two shows were part of ABC’s TGIF lineup and shared a crossover in an episode of Full House. One of the girls from Full House finds out that she needs to wear glasses, and Urkel comes over to convince her that wearing glasses is actually cool. If you ask me, he was the wrong guy for the job.

8.) Homicide and Law And Order

These two cop dramas met quite a few times actually. With Homicide being set in Baltimore, the most difficult aspect of the crossover was giving the characters a reason to meet with the detectives in New York, where Law And Order is set. They found a way to make it work though.

9.) Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles

This weird crossover includes the Turtles both fighting with the Rangers and then teaming up with them to defeat a common foe.

10.) The Jeffersons and Fresh Prince

In the final episode of The Fresh Prince, Uncle Phil is selling his mansion. Who ultimately ends up buying it? The Jeffersons! They certainly did move on up.

11.) Ally McBeal and The Practice

David E. Kelly is the common link here as he was the creator of both shows. While Ally McBeal was a comedic show, The Practice was very much a drama, so the pairing was certainly odd but it worked out rather nicely.

12.) Homicide, Law and Order SVU and Arrested Development

Richard Belzer’s John Munch character has actually appeared in numerous television shows. Homicide, Law And Order, Law And Order SVU, The X-Files, and several others. But perhaps the most bizarre pop up was when he appeared as a scrap booking professor in the comedy, Arrested Development.

What’s better than having one TV show? Having TWO TV shows in one TV show. While a lot of these were just an excuse to try and bolster ratings, it made for some truly interesting TV for the viewers to watch.

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