Monday, October 15

These 7 Females Have Enough Reasons to Boast of Their Wealth

They have more than enough! They have everything and are the envy of many- friends and foes. These females have attained the glam of enlisting their names in the list of female billionaires of the world. Let us have a glimpse of these 7 richest ladies.

The Top 7 Female Billionaires

Elizabeth Holmes

Elizabeth Holmes– She is a self-made billionaire who has successfully shown the world the power of women to dominate the list of the youngest billionaires of the world. Holmes, regarded as the youngest female billionaire by Forbes, made her fortune out of her blood testing company, Theranos.

Yang Huiyan

Yang Huiyan – With net worth of approximately $5.7 billion Yang Huiyan, is in the list of billionaires female. This Chinese beauty inherited her fortune from her father.