Saturday, September 22

These 4 Foreign Ghost Stories Will Keep You Up Tonight… And Every Night. OMG.

Every country in the world has its own ghost stories. That’s because there are so many mysterious or paranormal things that happen in this world. Humans naturally want to explain the unexplained. Sometimes, there is just enough evidence or events to form a theory or ghost story…

And sometimes those stories will scare you out of your pants.

These stories originate from Indonesia. No matter what tales of ghosts and ghouls you heard growing up, this may just terrify you. Sleeping with the light on tonight will be a must.

1.) Pocong

A Pocong is someone who has died and, and before they are buried, are covered in a white cloth that is tied at the head and feet. These ghosts come back from the dead, trapped in their own burial shroud. If the body isn’t at peace 40 days after death, the pocong will emerge from the grave, seeking release. Because the soul is bound, the pocong hops and jumps, it cannot walk.

1.) Thuyul/Tuyul

This ghost is an unborn baby or a child that has died. The Thuyuls are thieves, stealing money from people’s houses. They are like pale babies, wearing only a diaper. You can ward off a Thuyul by placing a can of beans out. They will get distracted and count the beans instead of money. They usually have an “owner” or conjurer.

3.) Genderuwo

An evil ghost who is usually a man, this demon has a large black body, long hair, sharp claws and red eyes. If you smell rotting flesh in the middle of the night… a Genderuwo is there. They are obsessed with sex and can even prey on women, like an incubus, and rape them.

4.) Kuntilanak

Many believe a Kuntilanak is a pregnant woman who has died before the baby was born. They wear long white robes, have dark hair and are surrounded by evil and death. They hide in trees or buildings, preying on those who pass by, laughing loudly. They can also transform into beautiful woman and stop men they meet… attempting to end their life. There have been stories of Kuntilanaks getting into a taxi and attempting to trick the drivers into getting into an accident.

Don’t be ashamed if these gave you the willies. They have been handed down through the generations. There’s a reason for that. Even if you’re not a “believer” and are a skeptic at heart, you might just be looking over your shoulder tonight…

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