Saturday, September 22

These 28 Animals Are Really NOT Okay With The Whole Horror In The Sky Thing

Whenever I found myself all worked up during a thunderstorm, my mother would always remind me that there was nothing to fear, it was just God and my relatives in heaven bowling.

While such a simple explanation might have calmed my anxieties, good luck telling that same story to your furry friends. Thunderstorms can turn even the most ferocious fur ball into a quivering bundle of scaredy cat.

If your pet doesn’t freak out when the sky starts to rumble, you’re either super lucky or UNlucky, because these hilarious reactions are truly a treat. At least they’re trying their best to weather the storm.

1. “You weren’t planning on taking a shower, were you?”

2. “Think of my happy place, think of my happy place, think of my…”

3. “How can you play video games at a time like this?”

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