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The Reason This Family Is Camped Out At A Russian Airport Is So Heartbreaking

Being a refugee isn’t easy — and it’s an experience most of us can’t even begin to relate to. Even if you can make it safely to your destination, there are so many challenges to face in your new life. Often, the journey to your destination can be fraught with roadblocks, disappointment, and suffering.

With the ongoing wars in Syria and Iraq, countless families attempting to flee to brighter and safer futures get stuck in foreign European countries due to complicated bureaucratic hurdles. Sometimes, governments work out the kinks in a reasonable amount of time. However, it’s common for refugees get stuck in limbo with no end in sight.

Hasan Abdul Ahmad’s family of six has been stuck at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport for almost two whole months.

Both he and his wife are folk musicians, and they decided to flee their war-torn home to start all over again in a safer place.

When they arrived in Russia, they were told that their passports and their visas were fake.

Russian authorities accused them of illegally trying to cross the border and denied them asylum.

For 50 days, they’ve been living in an old smoking room, with all of their belongings stacked in piles.

All they can do is wait for their appeal to be addressed.

Until then, they’re relying on the kindness of passersby.

Luckily, there are many sympathetic souls that give them money, food, and toys for the children. The UN also comes by every few days to drop off large jugs of drinking water.

Listening to 13-year-old Rinas speak about his family’s struggle is heartbreaking.

The Syrian government recently confirmed that their passports and visas are, in fact, real.

But they are still confined to their airport prison until Russian officials consider the case sometime in the next few weeks.

(source ABC News)

It’s important to remember that this is just one of thousands of families struggling with their freedom. You can donate to help Syrian children in refugee camps in bordering countries. But you can also help by raising awareness of this extremely pressing and heartbreaking problem.

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