Monday, October 15

The 7 Wealthiest Pets- Yes These Animals Are Rich!

If the world’s richest people’s list made you feel small and insignificant, then the list of the wealthiest pets will make you loathe yourself and make you want to drown in self-pity.

Take a look at the richest furry friends below

Gunther IV

The German Shepherd, Gunther IV, can give many rich people a run for their money as he inherited $145 million from his father, who inherited the fortune from their owner Karlotta Liebenstein when she passed away. Some of Gunther IV’s possessions include Madonna’s old Miami house, a villa in Bahamas and a rare 1000 pound worth white truffle.


Kalu, the richest chimp, lives in an estate in South Africa, owns a mansion and a farm in Australia and will inherit close to $90 million from his owner, Patricia O’Neill who was the child of Countess of Kenmore and champion Olympic swimmer Frank O’Niell. Kalu’s fortune changed after being rescued by Patricia from a tree in Zaire.