Wednesday, September 19

Taste These 8 Gold Infused Foods to Feel Like the Emperor!


Book a gold finished bagel, 24 hours in advance, at the Westin Hotel, New York, for a luxurious breakfast. With white truffle cream cheese and goji berry Riesling jelly along with gold leaf the $1,000 bagel might be some heavy breakfast.


The “Diamond and Gold Lasagna” offered at Portofino in Las Vegas’ The Mirage Hotel and Casino might be the most luxurious ever. Loaded with top ingredients such as prosciutto di parma, Kobe beef, buffalo mozzarella, ham prosciutto, foie gras alfredo sauce, and porcini mushrooms, the lasagna is topped with diamond truffles and 23 Karat gold leaf, making the delicious dish cost $100 per piece of lasagna.