Saturday, September 22

Taste These 8 Gold Infused Foods to Feel Like the Emperor!

People find new ways to spend their moolah, and to cater to them people are inventing shocking and intriguing expensive items. One such trend is real gold being used to make food and drinks.

Here are 8 such incredibly shocking foods and drinks that are made from real gold!


The sparkling wine Grande Cuvee steals the show in a competitive market trying to use gold to their drinks. The bottle of Grand Cuvee is infused with 24- karat gold flakes and gold leaf and is priced at $31 per bottle which makes it affordable for everyone to get a sip of.


Bacon and chocolate sounds like a bizarre combination, so imagine what to expect when gold, 23-Karat gold to be precise, is added to this combination. A chocolate wrapped bacon with gold flake dusting can be ordered at New York based Baconery for $40.