Thursday, October 18

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By Using Some Cardboard, One Man Makes His Sunset Selfies Into Something Epic

Taking photos at sunset is nothing new. After all, with all the gorgeous colors and textures in the sky, it's the perfect backdrop for any picture. The only thing you have to worry about is getting lost in the backlight. But if you're John Marshall, backlight is your best friend. Marshall, a TV producer and author, was living alone on an island in Maine for 30 days. He decided to use his free time to start a project, and to do so, all he needed was some cardboard and a few beautiful Maine sunsets. Mars House of Pizza John Marshall "When Mars House of Pizza says 'WE DELIVER ANYWHERE,' they mean it." Marshall made three rules for himself when he started this undertaking: He couldn't have help, and had only the 10 seconds of the camera's self-tim...