Tuesday, October 16

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This Halloween House Is Wonderfully Monstrous — And Totally Handmade

Artist Christine H. McConnell (previously) definitely has a flair for the strange, and this Halloween, she brought it to life with a truly stunning holiday display. She turned her parents' stately home into a many-eyed monster, and it's so awesome. If this house isn't ready for Halloween, I don't know what is. Christine H. McConnell She even decided to share how she did it. It's surprisingly cheap and easy, too! Christine H. McConnell McConnell cut the eyes and teeth from foamcore, which can be purchased fairly inexpensively from craft stores. She then drew and painted the designs before attaching them to the house. And because they're foamcore, the pieces are extremely light and easy to work wi...
Are These For Sitting Or For Eating? Either Way, I’m In.

Are These For Sitting Or For Eating? Either Way, I’m In.

Everyone loves sitting--it’s like dessert for your legs--so you can imagine how excited I got when I saw that artists were finally combining sedentary with confectionery. No, you can’t eat these amazing pieces, but you can feast your eyes on them. If that doesn’t sound like enough of a perk, then you haven’t had a chance to check them out yet. Also, maybe you CAN eat them! I mean, they just look so delicious--OUCH! Okay, yeah, no. Eating them is not an option. Take a look! "Cream Poufs" by Diego Maria Gugliermetto Diego Maria Gugliermetto "Macaron Stool" by Kensington Design Kensington Design "Cupcake Stools" by Boggy Chan ...