Monday, October 15

I Thought Winter Where I Live Was Bad… Then I Saw This SNOWPOCALYPSE. Unbelievable.

If you live above the Mason Dixon line in the United States, then you probably know how terrible winter can be. Snow, ice and bitter wind chills are a part of life. But, at least the US isn’t Russia. The Rostov region can get a blast of snow so strong, it’s apocalyptic. I’m not joking.

When it snows in Russia…

It REALLY snows.

On Friday, January 30th, it snowed so much in the Rostov region a state of emergency was announced.

Transport networks were completely interrupted.

Food and other goods, as a result, were scarce.

It was difficult just leaving your own house.

It looks like snow-filled apocalypse.

I can’t believe society hasn’t crumbled yet.

Luckily, they’re helping each other out.

Even though store shelves are empty.

People have to literally dig in and out of their homes.

If they’re lucky.

Those with dogsleds? Royalty.

I’ll think about Rostov, Russia, the next time I think about complaining about snow flurries. (But then I’ll complain anyway.) At least I’ve never been trapped in my house because of snow. Source: Winter affects everyone, so share this with your friends.

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