Tuesday, October 23

Here Are 25 Times They Should Have Put The Camera Down.

It turns out those old commercials were wrong: not every moment is a Kodak moment. And these 25 photo fails definitely prove the case. These events aren’t exactly ones you’d want to make last longer

Someone needs to tell these guys that fires, crashes, and funerals are no place for flashing a smile or your camera. Take a look.

1.) Something tells me he’s not the greatest fireman.

2.) I don’t think this is an A student.

3.) This duo is a little too daring.

4.) This selfie is pretty stoic for a guy that’s falling from a plane.

5.) He should probably be concentrating a little bit more on not breaking his neck.

6.) I hope this bear wasn’t hungry.

7.) This is the opposite of a classy dude.

8.) These girls obviously have a lot of errors in judgement.

9.) Funerals are no place for selfies. Ever.

10.) Okay, just…why??

11.) This is not mother of the year material.

12.) I don’t remember flight attendants saying “take a selfie” when an emergency occurs…

13.) …or after.

14.) This is not what a fun day at the beach is supposed to look like.

15.) Safety equipment? Nah. Selfie? Sure!

16.) There’s no age limit on awkward photo ops!

17.) This guy fails in more ways than one.

18.) I do not trust this doctor.

19.) Nude beaches = not romantic.

20.) I would give this kid detention.

21.) Cats really hate happy couples.

22.) He might have had a few before this slip up.

23.) This guy is literally ON FIRE.

24.) I don’t think this will help you get out of that ticket.

25.) I can’t tell if there’s a bee or a zombie.

(via Distractify.)

At least I can stop feeling bad about my normal selfies and food pics. They aren’t this bad! The next time you feel the urge to snap a photo, think twice about it. It might just not be the right time.

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