Monday, October 15

Bridges with Amazing and Unique Designs

Banpo Bridge in Seoul, South Korea is the world’s longest double decker fountain bridge built on the top of the existing bridge, the Jamsu Bridge (which was designed to be regularly flooded and remains regularly submerged in the water of the river) over the river Han. It was built in the early 1980s. In the year 2009 they added the longest bridge fountain in the world called “The Magic Rainbow Fountain”. 1,495 meters long bridge has 10,000 LED lights running across both of its sides. Water for the fountain is pumped straight from the Han River and is recycled again and again. The pumps draw 10 tons of water each minute from the river. The nozzles shoot water close to 50 meters horizontally. When the fountain is not in action, the Banpo and Jamsu bridges can be clearly seen.

The Helix Bridge at Singapore’s Marina Bay is inspired by DNA double helix structure with a walkway encircled within it. The concept was developed in 3D in a virtual, digital environment using Arup software. This amazing structure of stainless steel and glass is illuminated by a series of dynamic multi-coloured LED lights. The 280m-long bridge is the world’s first curved double-helix bridge, and provides pedestrians a direct connection between Marina Centre, the waterfront area and Marina Bay Sands integrated resort.

Henderson Waves Bridge is located along the Southern Ridges, a mini mountain range on the southern edge of Singapore. It is the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore (284 meters above Henderson Road). This 9 km structure is made up of five separate paths linked together that connect West Coast Park to Harbour Front, including the Marang Trail, Faber Trail, Hilltop Walk, Forest Walk, Flora Walk, and Canopy Walk. This bridge has a unique wave-form pattern made up of seven “ribs”. The waves alternately rise above and below the deck. At night, these waves are lit by LED lights from 7:00 pm to 2:00 am every day, offering the beautiful night view of the city.

Aiola Island Bridge is located over the Mur River in Graz, Austria. It has a curved structure constructed by using triangular facets of either Nirosta steel panels or flat glass panels. It includes a sunbathing area, a trendy bar, a coffee house, an open-air theatre, and a children’s playground. The bridge was constructed to serve as link between nature and the city, and to make the Mur River an accessible and useful part of urban life.

Nanpu Bridge in Shanghai (total length of 8,346 meter), China   is built across Huangpu River. It is the first cable stayed bridge with a span of over 400 meter in the country which has circular design. It connects the manufacturing Pudong district with the rest of Shanghai. It has an amazing 25,125 feet long and 151-foot elevation above the river, which allows ships to pass underneath it.


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