Monday, October 15

Adorable Daddy-Daughter Duo Fumbles Their Way Through Baking A Cake Together

When it comes to spending quality father-daughter time together, there are a ton of activities to do.

La Guardia Cross is a first-time father who has spent the past two years creating the “New Father Chronicles,” a series where he films the fun things he and his (now two-year-old) daughter Amalah do together. The two of them are an absolute riot, always cracking jokes and navigating new situations together as a team.

Here’s the adorable story of the time they decided to bake a cake.

Amalah was allowed to put all the ingredients into the mixing bowl, but it was slow going.

She had a lot of questions about what exactly was going on with this cake situation.

But eventually the two of them got it together and put it in a pan, even mixing in a forgotten ingredient at the last minute.

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