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Our goal is to bring you the funniest stories in the world! Rather than drown you with quantity, we deliver quality! We strive to bring you the best free entertainment and fill your days with laughter. From Funny Memes to Cool Memes to Cute Memes, we update our website everyday to ensure you have all the necessary tools to get through even the worst days!We hope you enjoy!Plunty.com – The greatest memes in the world!A meme is an image, a hyperlink, a picture, a video or a website. Funny memes often time have the goal of making you laugh. In today’s day and age, funny memes can become viral almost instantly through Twitter, Facebook or other Social Media networks. The popular funny memes are often times viewed by millions of people word-wide. The best part of the funny memes culture is that anybody can make them. This adds to the growing background of memes. Given the fact that funny memes are so easy to make, everyday new people create new funny memes, cool memes, cute memes and sexy memes.Funny memes are created by taking ‘normal’ pictures of a everyday situations and adding funny comments to them. They can also take funny pictures of people and create comedic representations of them. Memes are created from social interaction, references to pop culture or everyday situations that people can easily relate to. An interesting aspect of funny memes is the popularity factor. As mentioned previously, funny memes can become viral and reach millions of people within a few days. Given these impressive factors, advertising and marketing professionals have embraced funny memes, cool memes, cute memes and sexy memes as a form of viral marketing as well as guerrilla marketing.This process is called ‘Memetic marketing’; these funny memes are seen as low-cost and cost-effective.For instance, marketers would use funny memes to create awareness for their upcoming films. By creating interesting and funny memes, millions of people would see the memes and consequently they will become aware of the upcoming film. This in effect creates a ‘hype’ around the movie and costs are virtually inexistent.