Monday, October 15

A CEO Fell Asleep At Work, So His Employees Got Sweet, Sweet Revenge

If you’re the CEO of a photo-editing company, you should know better than to fall asleep on the job, because your employees could easily use that technology against you.

When Zeev Farbman, CEO of Enlight, was caught snoring on the couch, his employees took hilarious advantage of the situation. After all, they spend their days perfecting editing software that people can use at the touch of a button. It was only a matter of time until it came back to bite him.

1. It started off so innocently.

2. But then this happened.

3. After that, he hung out with Jesus for a little while.

4. And it only got weirder from there.

5. This isn’t safe.

6. I mean, who doesn’t want to be seen as a work of art, am I right?

7. They were nice enough to let him chill with America’s favorite family.

8. THIS. This is the best thing I’ve ever seen.

9. He looks a little too sleepy to be granting wishes.

10. He finally helped Leo out. What a guy!

11. Whatever you say, Rose.

12. Just hanging with Nicolaes Tulp. Nothing to see here.

13. I guess he had a little too much wine with dinner.

14. “Everything the light touches is our kingdom, so wake up.”

15. He walked right into this one.

16. It’s clear that this CEO is also a dab master.

(H/T Bored Panda)

If you ever catch one of your higher-ups sleeping on the job, do yourself (and the internet) a favor and take sweet revenge with Enlight.

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