Saturday, September 22

8 Different Vintage Hairstyles From All Over the World

It is commonly liked by both men and women to have different experiment with hair. Here is a list of eight kinds of different vintage hairstyles found all over the world. Some are good to look at, some are stylish. Just have a look.

8 stylish hairstyles 



By combing the hair against the sides and pulling the hair up and over on top, this pompadour hairstyle was designed in the year 1950.

The Pixie-1950s


It is a very short hairstyle with little fringes. It became popular during 1950.

Bob/Finger Wave-1920

finger wave

This Bob wave or Finger look was too popular among the ladies of twenties. It was a part of look known as “The Flapper”, where hair were kept between chin to ear level.

Beehive-1950s / 1960s


This is a hairstyle found in 1950 and 1960. It is for long hair which is given a dome shape with the resemblance of beehive and it needed a huge amount of hair spray too.

Afro- 1960s


This is quite common hairstyle made up of the combination of American and African style, popular during 1960s.



Bouffants are mentioned as any haircut, piled high up on top of the head. This hairstyle was especially famous in 1960s.



This dreadlock hairstyle ties the hair into locks and allows it grow as long as possible. This style became popular in America by the famous celebrity Bob Marley. It actually started in Jamaica, 1950.

Mullet-1970s / 1990s


The Mullet is a hairstyle which was designed with long hair in the back and short hair were kept in the front, like ‘business up front’.