Saturday, September 22

8 Creative Ways To Put Old Tires To Use

Old tires are often discarded without giving them as much as a second thought. But what if we show you creative ways to put them to use?

Two tires can be painted in bright colours and then those can be stacked with a glass table top fit on top. It will make an interesting coffee table for the garden or patio.


How about making an interesting mirror frame using cycle tires? It will definitely give the room a different touch.


Tea cup planters can be made from tires of different sizes and painted in attractive colours.


Tire swings are not new and many kids might have played on it but they can be given a colourful twist to make it look more vibrant.


A dog bed can be made using large tires painting it in soothing colours and making it cozy.


Tire lamps with intricate designs can be an innovative interior designing concept where waste is put to good use.


Ottoman can be made using tires and thick yarn can add a nice creative touch to the house and also put the tires to good use.


Taking the ottoman a step further, an armchair using tires as base can be made, covering it with coloured thick yarn. This way the armchairs can be perfect accessories for a sit-out.