Saturday, September 22

7 Weirdest Traditions All Over The World

Various traditions are found all over the world and here you will get a list of seven weirdest traditions, you have hardly known ever.

Feeding The Dead-Rome

feeding the dead

This tradition is found in the burial grounds of Vatican, Rome. These graves contain pipes leading towards outside of the Graveyard. Honey, food staff and wine were supplied through these pipes to the dead bodies.

The tradition of Carrying Pregnant Women over Burning Coal-China

The tradition of Carrying Pregnant Women over Burning Coal-China

In the Chinese traditions, it is believed that if a husband carries his pregnant wife over burning coals bare feet, the wife will have an easy and successful labor.

Living with the Dead: Indonesia

Living with the Dead

Sounds quite dangerous! This tradition is taken from the Toraja, an ethnic group in South Sulawesi, Indonesia, where the family arranged money for funeral ceremonies of the dead.

Foot Binding tradition – China

Foot Binding tradition

In China, the foot of a young girl (4-5 years’) is bound to prevent the growing of the foot and it makes the girl unable to walk, run, work or jump. This tradition was related to nothing but sign of beauty and sensuality.

Tradition of Masai Spitting-Africa

masai tradition

This is a weird and bizarre tradition maintained by the Masai tribe in Africa. People spit on each other to greet. Masai people has a practice of spitting on their hand before they offer a handshake. They also spit on their newborn baby to avoid praising as it is believed by them that it will curse the child and give a bad life.

Sharpening of Teeth-Indonesia

Sharpening of Teeth

The tribal women of Mentawai in Indonesia have a practice to grind and file their teeth to get them sharpen for getting a more beautiful look.

Skull bending tradition- Mayan

skull binding

This is a weird and bizarre as well as shocking tradition of of skull binding among the Mayans. The normal growth of a child’s head is hindered to demonstrate social status and it is believed that this will enhance the intelligence.