Monday, October 15

7 Weirdest Fashion Trends From All Over The World

Fashion is the factor that works just as constant in our daily life. Every time you go out for a trip or just a daily meeting, you can naturally try different look. Here you will come by a list of seven weirdest fashion trends from all over the world.

  1. Southern African metal heads-Botswana

One of Botswana's heavy metal rockers

Heavy metals are used to attract the members as well as audience of African descent. It can be said that the classic-metal fashion has undertaken the movement in the Southern African nation-Botswana.

  1. Elf boots-Mexico

The elf boats are a little silly looking but these are pointy and long. This is a trend among the males to wear these boots to get an attraction from the females. But they look ridiculous using these boots.

  1. Eye jewelry-Netherlands

eye jewelry

This is a kind of weird jewelry worn by the Dutch. It is claimed by them that these eye jewelries are safe but the specialists argue over the matter of safety.

  1. Hitler chic-Thailand

hitler chic

This Hitler chic is a proof of Hitler mania with the Hitlerized pandas and the teletubbies, in the city of Bangkok.

  1. Gothic Lolitas-Japan

gothic lolitas

This is a broad fashion among the Japanese fashion culture which presents the sweet and stylish clothes of the Victorian era. Umbrella is an essential part of the dress.

  1. Meggings or leggings for men-all over the globe


This is a fashion trend, taken from the women’s leggings. The dancers as well as strippers can wear these skin-tight and full fitting dresses.

  1. The facekinis: China


To prevent themselves from getting tanned in the sun, the women in China prefer wearing these facekinis.