Saturday, September 22

7 Weird Drinks from All Over the World

Do you love to try exciting as well as new wines and beer?  You may feel sick of those old wines and drinking boring old beer every day. Here you will get a few variant of the alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks which will give your buds a new taste. These 7 drinks are weird and they are fun too.

Kumis- Horse Milk Alcohol


Kumis is an old popular drink made out of fermented horse milk. Alcohol is generally present at a very low percentage; it is 7-8% at the highest range. This drink is popular in Mongolia, Kazakhstan and some other countries still now.

Bilk (beer & milk)


You can try this drink as a substitute of your regular one. It is a combination of beer and milk, used as Japanese drink.



This is regarded as one of the oldest beverages containing only 3% of alcohol, found in South American countries. Chica is made out of maize. A few villages in Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, and Costa Rica prepare it.

Lizard Wine- China


This popular drink in China, which is said to have a taste like brandy, is prepared by ginseng and Geko lizards. They are kept into a clay vat, which is filled up with fermenting rice wine. Exactly after twelve months, the green liquor is obtained from the strained mixture.

Snake drinks-Various countries from South East Asia

Snake drinks

Snake drinks are considered as the powerful cures for different kind of illnesses and you can find these drinks in various countries from south-east Asia. Snake whiskey and snake sake, contain the most poisonous snakes like Cobra.

Dark Tea-China

dark tea

Dark tea is a non-alcoholic and fermented tea from China which is used as a cure for various common health issues.
Kvass- Russia

kvass drink

Kvass is prepared out of fermented rye bread and contains 1% alcohol and slightly sweet in taste with fruit and mint flavor. It is regarded as a substitute drink of cola in Russia.