Monday, October 15

7 Surprising Cosmetic Products You Hardly Know

It is common among people, especially women, to make them more and more beautiful. They often go through various surgeries, take medicines even, only to look younger, attractive and fresh forever. Here are some cosmetic products which sound weird or are made from weird products.

Feces Odor Tablets


These tablets are truly personal hygiene products and these are invented by the Japanese. Your excrement will be completely odor free, if you use these tablets for thirty days.

Cheetos lip balm:


This lip balm is surely up to the mark of your choice. It is an orange lip balm which has a taste of cheese. Would you like to try this?

Gorilla snot hair gel:

Gorilla snot hair gel

This is a hair gel which is used by the guitarists, to give an awesome look to their hair. But on the contrary in some other countries, it is said that this gel gives an ape like hair do.

Bird poop facial treatment:

Bird poop facial

In nightingale’s droppings, the enzyme, Guanine, is used in various make-up products and it is said that this product is very much effective for facial and bleaching of the skin.

Nipple lightening cream:

Nipple lightening cream

Don’t get so surprised. This cream is used for making nipples pink and fresh. It is a mixture of natural herbal extracts with vitamin-E, squalene and alantoin.

Sunblock for nails:

Sunblock for nails

It is not only necessary for your skin to get a protection from sunrays, but you will get the sunblock for your nails to save them from UV rays.

Bull semen hair treatment:

Bull semen hair treatment

Yes, you heard right. It is bull semen. In the salons of the UK this semen is used as a product for hair treatment and it is claimed to be protein packed.