Saturday, September 22

7 Strange Foods Every Foodie Must Try

Are you ready to give your palette a real challenge? If you are the one who loves to try new food, then go ahead and try these strangest and weirdest eats from around the globe!

7 weird foods from all across the world

Balut – Phillipines


You may be an egg lover but test your egg eating skills in Philippines. Here they catch hold of a duck embryo which is still in the developing form and then just end up boiling it alive! Every part of the egg is eatable, which also includes the beak and little wings.

Sannakji – South Korea


This is a famous South Korean dish. The dish comprises of live octopus which can be either eaten in small pieces or eaten as a whole. It is generally served in the raw form with a bit of sesame oil.

Escamoles – Mexico


You may feel tempted to eat it as you may mistake it to be grain salad; however this dish is prepared from ant larvae.

Hakarl – Iceland


If you tried eating Greenland shark fresh it may turn out being quit poisonous. However, if eaten in the rotten and decayed form, it turns out being edible.

Casu Marzu – Italy

Casu Marzu

This dish may look quite appealing as it looks creamy and soft. However, it is made from thousands of maggots, and live ones, and is enjoyed by adventurous eaters.

Pig Blood and bread


When a pig gets slaughtered in Hungary right at dawn, its blood is conserved and then fried with fresh onion. That is it; it’s then served for breakfast!
Witchetty grub, Australia

Witchetty grub

This dish is basically prepared with huge white larvae of many moths.