Saturday, September 22

7 Most Unusual Pets You Will Ever Find In The World

Pets are meant to be sweet and cute. Cats, dogs and birds are some of the common pets all around the world. But this conventional idea is not true at all. Some unusual and strange pets are found all over the world.

Here you will get a list of seven most unusual and strange pets you have hardly thought ever.

What about keeping a giraffe as a pet in your family?


Lynne, the Rothschild giraffe, is one of the rarest of its kind on the planet, lives in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro.It is thirteen years old and enjoys morning treats with Tanya and Mikey Carr-Hartley, in their breakfast table.

A lamb that can never adapt with other sheep:

nick boing

Nick Boing, an unusual pet it is. And, of course with its unusual name, it is a lamb that could not adapt the company of other sheep. The Palmer family kept him as pet when he refused to live with other sheep in the Gold cliff Nature Reserve in Newport. Nick enjoys his days by watching the world and nights with special treats and on the family sofa, watching television programs.

The fashion loving Squirrel:


In the early 1940s, a woman in Washington DC adopted a squirrel as a pet, named Tommy Tucker. He accompanied her every time, even in shopping and that lady loved to dress him up in various special dresses.

The mascot Penguin:

nils olav

The famous Mascot penguin, Nils Olav, has been an honorary member of the Norwegian King’s Guard since the year 1972. He was knighted at the Edinburgh Zoo, after thirty five years of his duty and his knighthood was confirmed with his sword.

The llama living in an apartment:


For last ten years, Fantik, a llama, has been adapted by the Russian bear trainer, Dimitry Nikolau in his Moscow apartment. He has got another llama to live with Fantik and now looking for a kangaroo.

The two headed turtle:


This two headed turtle is also enlisted as an unusual and strange pet and it is the rarest of its kind. It resided at Casey’s Animal rescue in Florida. This pet is kept with very much care and always fed each of the heads with hand. Otherwise they fight for the little food.

The Capybara as a pet:


The owner Melane Typaldos is too proud of her hamster pet, Caplin Rous, the unusual sized rodent. He loves Melane’s company and follows her at home and yard. Even Caplin waits for her until she comes back from work.