Saturday, September 22

7 Most Horrible Movies Which Will Leave You Frightened Forever

Are you brave enough? Do you love to watch horror movies? Then, you must watch these movies presented below. But there is no guarantee of screaming and heart attacks. So, get ready for horror!

Here is the list of seven horror movies which can bring your heart into mouth.

  1. The Conjuring: US, 2013

the conjuring

Surely you can count this one as one of the most frightening movies ever. A family faces all ghastly incidents in reality after they move to a haunted mansion. And this will make you scream and you may become afraid of claps too for a long time.

  1. The Exorcist collection, US (1973-2005)


The whole collection of this Exorcist series is sure to make you feel frightening ever and you will never forget McNeil coming downstairs with upside down on fours. That one scene can cause a heart attack to heart patients.

  1. Shutter: Thailand, 2004


This Thailand movie is regarded as one of the most popular horror movies ever made. Many of the scenes are there in this movie which will make your eyes shut with fear and keep it in mind that the last scene is not for the faint hearted; it may make feel scared for the entire life.

  1. The Shining: US, 1980


Stanley Kubrik has performed the best in the cinematography as well as the sound for this movie. Jack Nicholson, both the writer and hotel keeper by profession, loses his mind and screams, ‘Daddy’s home”- you can call it the most iconic scenes ever.

  1. Mama: US, 2013


It is another horrible movie, which tells you that a motherly love is not always the most beautiful experience throughout the world. Jamie Lannister is present here in a double role.

  1. Dead Silence: US, 2007

dead silence

Once you watch this movie, you may become afraid of dolls forever. The old lady with all her creepy dolls in her haunted mansion will make you frightened.

  1. Sinister: US, 2012


This movie is all about the activities of the kids which can cause a cardiac damage to the bravest people too. And naturally it is a favorite among the horror movie lovers.