Monday, October 15

7 Most Haunted Places All Over the World

Do you want to experience the paranormal activities? Then here you will get some of the most haunted places from all over the world.

Seven places of the most horrible paranormal activities are listed here:

Waverly Hills Sanitarium-Kentucky, United States

Waverly Hills Sanitarium

This is a wooden two storied building, built in 1910, and was a hospital for the tuberculosis patients. Around twentieth century about sixty three thousand patients died here. Various figures have seen moving here and fleeting shadows, cold spots and screams, and many other paranormal activities have been observed here.

Castle of Good Hope-Cape town, South Africa

Castle of Good Hope

The Dutch East India Company built this castle of Good Hope in the seventeenth century. Here an apparition of a tall man was noticed in 1915. Another lady in grey had been also witnessed behaving hysterically.

Babenhausen Barracks-Hesse, Germany

Babenhausen Barracks-Hesse

This is now a museum, but the ghosts of died German soldiers, in uniform, of the second world, war have been seen here moving.

The Tower of London-London, England

The Tower of London

One of the most haunted places it is for the history of torture, 900 years back. Full body apparitions and the dreadful apparition of two children were seen here.

Chateau de Brissac- France

Chateau de Brissac

It was a castle built in the 11th century and was rebuilt in 1502, but now used as a guest house. The incident of double murder made it one of the most haunted places as a lady in green outfit is often seen here.

Borgvattnet (the haunted village)-Sweden


This was a village, built in 1876, where paranormal activities were noticedin 1927. Now it is a guest house. But still here horrible activities take place.

Poveglia Island- Italy

Poveglia Island

This small island has been inhabited since 421 where refugees took place. But now it is completely abandoned and the locals never dare step here. In fact the fishermen fear to catch fishes as there is a possibility of dragging up human bodies.