Monday, October 15

7 Funniest Memes about Relationship Will Tickle You To Laugh

RELATIONSHIP is quite a long word! It is made up of twelve letters, and it is indeed the more complicated thing. Whether it is a love relation or you have settled down or planning to settle down, complications arrive with sweetness too!

What do you expect from a 13-years old girl to desire for? Think about it once.


Whatever your answer may be, all she wants in reality is a man who just can complete her everyday homework properly.

What happens when a girl changes her relationship status from “committed” to “single”?

meme 2

What can happen after that? Obviously boys start chasing her, like a lonely deer is chased by some tigers.

Now that’s a question asked by the guys. What does a girl really mean when she says, “Give me just five minutes and I’ll be ready?”

meme 3

Well, Guys, it actually means that amount of time when you tell her, “Just five minutes! The game is almost done!” Is it really five minutes you mean? Ask yourself and you will have the better answer.

What is relationship? Please think about the correct answer.

meme 4

Actually, it’s like you buy a sheep, and name it ‘RELATION’. So, now you are having a ‘RELATIONSHEEP’.

What does it mean if a girl denies a guy saying, “You can’t buy my love, do you think you can?”

meme 5

It points towards the salary of that guy. She means that “it’s not possible for you to buy her love with your salary.”

When a girl says, “Yeah! Have fun.” What should a guy do?

meme 6

Please don’t take her words seriously and leave with friends. Do not have fun, just cancel your plan. Or else, it can be the end of your relation or your life may be!

What is Marriage?

meme 7

It is not a large box filled up with fantasy at all. You have to put effort into it for making it successful with love, care, understanding, friendship and whatever you need more. Both of you need to grow a habit of serving, praising, loving each other. Otherwise it will make you feel like hell.