Monday, October 15

7 Deserted Beaches To Die For Around The World

Not all the beaches in the world are traveled by people and therefore some deserted and less-known beaches are left till now. These beaches are perfect to travel to spend time in intimacy with your spouse or partner. These are equally great for relaxation and rejuvenation.

A list of six deserted beaches is given here all around the globe. Just have a look and you are going to love it for sure.

Vallee De L’ortolo, Corsica

Vallee De L’ortolo, deserted beach

This is situated in the southern part of Sartene and three miles away from Sartene. The valley is wild and abandoned, but the beaches are great for solitary travelers.

Ransvik, Sweden


This hidden beach has beautiful natural scenery to enjoy and the little cliffs are there from which you can fling to the North Sea. A sordid history of Richard Gere is known from this place. Gere was caught by the paparazzi while swimming completely without clothes with a Swedish woman.

Caspersen Beach, Florida

Casperson Beach

Here a natural trail will lead you to the fresh and saltwater marshes, being covered with the shells and some pre-historic sharks’ teeth. This beach at the west coast of Florida will give you a feeling of being millions of miles away from the region parks and malls.

Kaupoa Beach, Molokai Island, Hawaii

Kaupoa Beach

It will be a great sensation to visit this beach as the Hawaiian

Islands are the most deserted ones all over the world. This beach has coves which are white like toothpaste in color and the surrounding resembles the savannah region of Africa.

Rio Frutilla, Bahia Arenal, Chile

Rio Frutilla

This remote beach, near the Pacific coast in the southern part of Chile, witnesses the great wilderness in the globe. You can have the company of dolphins, sea lions and penguins there.

Playon de Mismaloya, Mexico

Playon de Mismaloya

The only way to reach this beach is by rowing boat, to cross the estuary. This beach has its extension of forty miles and it is one of the most important sanctuaries for the turtles. You will enjoy yourself with the candle lights in the hotels as no electricity is there.

Luskentyre, West Coast of Harris, Scotland


The West coast of Harris is featured with wide beaches and the sand you will get here, the best one in the UK. You can enjoy your holidays here in this far flung location with the gorgeous beaches.