Monday, October 15

7 Dangerous Birds All Over the World

Birds are one of the loveliest creatures of the Mother Nature. They are often kept as pets at your home. But all of these birds are not meant to keep at home as some of them are too dangerous.

Here is a list of seven dangerous birds you which will like to kill you.

The Lammergeyer

lamb vulture

It is the German term used for the lamb vulture. They prefer the sick or dying lambs to live on. These birds love the soft marrow inside the bones and they drop them on the rocks to shatter. Threats to human life are posed by them.

Mute swan


One of the largest, most aggressive and territorial waterfowls is the mute swan. They are mostly found in the North America. They can span their wings up to seven feet and serious injuries like broken bones, eye injuries and bruises can occur.

Australian Magpie

australiam magpie

They are the relatives of crows as well as ravens and have a close relation with the butcherbird family.  This giant songbird, has got a position among the dangerous avian species all over the world. Eyes and heads of human beings are targeted by the magpies.

Southern Cassowary:

Southern Cassowary

These birds live in the rain forest and belong to the ratite family, especially found in the northwestern Australia and New Guinea. They weigh over one hundred and thirty pounds and stand nearly three six feet. Cassowaries never fail to disembowel or kill the human intruders in their habitats.

Great Northern Loon

Great Northern Loon

The five different types of Gaviiformes are called loons, the most primitive avian species of the globe. They use their sharp bills for preying fishes and weigh about eight to ten pounds. To save themselves from danger, these birds can attack and kill human beings.

Snowy owl

Snowy owl

This is the most northerly bird of prey in the world and they can stand over eighteen inches with a weight of more than six pounds. These birds often target the face and head with the talons, which are razor shaped.

African Ostrich

African Ostrich

These are the largest seven feet tall birds of the world, weighing near two hundred and forty pounds, and they are the only remaining kind of the ostriches. They have the huge strength to run too fast with strong leg bones and a human being can easily be battered and killed with their attack.