Monday, October 15

7 Bizarre Shoes Found All Over the World

Shoes speak of your status, and they are treated as something special to show off your style. And this tradition has been going on since old days. Some of them are beautiful while a few of them have different looks!

Here you will come by some of the vintage collection of shoes from all around the world.

The ballet boots: These heels were famous during 1980. They were inspired by the ballerina flats and a combination of high heel and pointed shoes.

ballet boots

Chopines: These shoes were designed during the fifteenth century. These shoes were thick soled and high-platformed, which had much symbolic value.


The special heel-less shoes: The special heelless shoes were made popular by different famous celebrities. The doctors recommend not to wear such shoes regularly as they can affect your knees, ankles and some other parts of the body.

heel less shoes

The wooden bridal shoes: These shoes were designed in France. The high pointed heels were originated from old shoes in the ninth centuries.


The birch bark shoes: These were new kind of shoes, which were a good substitute for the costly leather shoes in rain. They were seen in Sweden, Norway and Russia though only one week was their life span.

birch bark

Kabkabs: These shoes were used by the women for saving themselves from rain as well as mud till the seventeenth century. They were beautiful enough to look at.


The lotus shoes: In Chinese fashion, these shoes were used only for the sake of fashion and they deformed the feet of the Chinese women. Only the farmers had normal feet.

lotus shoes