Monday, October 15

7 Bizarre Customs All Over the World

Customs are present all over the world. Not a single country is there, where you will not come by any custom.

Here you will get seven bizarre customs from all around the world:

Saluting a lonely magpie- from the UK

lone magpie

In many parts of the UK, lonely magpies are saluted as they are regarded as ill omens one for sorrow and the other one for mirth. It is believed that a single magpie can bring a bad luck.

When the plane lands, all applaud-from Poland

polish people clap

This is a peculiar feature among the Polish people to applaud when the plane lands. But no exact reason is found behind this activity.

Pulling fingers is a custom-in Australia

pulling fingers

Finger pulling is a serious sport in Australia. This sport has strict rules and the athletes try to drag the competitor with the help of finger.

Congratulating every family member on someone’s birthday-Netherlands

birthday wish

A peculiar custom it is among the Dutch to wish each of the family members including the birthday boy or girl on their birthday.

Cinnamons are thrown on the single people-in Denmark


This is quite a peculiar custom in Denmark to throw cinnamons on the single or unmarried people, when they turn 25. And in the age of 30, they may be found with cinnamon cover over them.

Do the cleaning on your thirtieth birthday-in Germany

cleaning in 30 birthday

Unmarried people, of 30 years of age, in Germany should never expect any special treatment on their birthdays, and men have to clean the house where the women have to clean the doorknobs of their friends with toothbrushes.

A sit down before leaving on a trip-Russia

sit down

If the Russian family as well as any single person is going for a trip, they will sit together for a few minutes before the trip for preventing the bad luck.