Monday, October 15

7 Beautiful But Poisonous Flowers All Over The Globe

It is a commonly favorite factor of all to appreciate the beautiful flowers. They become the part of decoration, makeup, love, worship and many more expressions related to our daily life. But all the beautiful flowers are not so pleasant; some of them are poisonous too!

Here you will get seven varieties of flowers, which are poisonous despite of being beautiful to look at.



This flower has a good fragrance. But all the other parts of the flower are poisonous, specifically the sap and berries.

Cerbera Odolllom:

Cerbera Odolllom

It is known as the ‘suicide tree’. The poison of this tree, which is an alkoid toxin, has a paralyzing effect. These flowers are also quite beautiful to look at.



This is a member of the poppy family. It is sometimes called, ‘Sweet slumber’. In its toxicity, this is similar to Opium and its poison causes drowsiness.

Mountain Laurel:

mountain laurel

These flowers are attractive to the bees. But the honey production will cause low blood pressure and even death.

Calla Lily:


Calla lilies are beautiful to look at but they are the true lilies. They are poisonous and the skin is affected by it.



These flowers have a pungent aroma with bitter taste. This can cause accidental ingestion. They are far more dangerous to the livestock than to the human beings. Allergies caused by these flowers can be fatal.

Naked Lady:

naked lady

The tree produces pink colored flowers which have a lovely smell. They are also known as ‘Amaryllis belladonna’. Despite of having sweet smell, these flowers contain poison, which can collapse a human body.