Saturday, September 22

7 Awesome Fruits You Hardly Know About

Are you a fruit lover? Are you passionate about trying different kinds of fruits from various places all over the globe? Then you must go through this article which will give you the ideas about such fruits, you have hardly known.

Here is the list of seven fruits which you have never heard of:

Mammee Apple or Santo Domingo Apricot:

Mammee Apple

This evergreen tree is found in South America, West Africa, and South East Asia and also in Florida as well as Hawaii. This is actually a berry tree that grows up to twenty centimeters. Its pulp is sweet and fragrant.



Platoniainsignis is a fruit with a thick yellow peel in the size of an orange. It tastes pleasant with sweet and sour flavor. Platonia or Bacuri is a very large tree of about 40 meters and especially found in the rain forests of Brazil and Paraguay.



Duku is found throughout Asia. It is a fruit with a sweet taste and the peel is easy to remove.

Noni fruit:


This fruit is related to coffee bean plant, found throughout Australasia and South East Asia, though it is cultivated in the tropical region. This fruit is high in protein, vitamin-A, iron, fibre and calcium. You can enjoy the raw fruit with salt.

Salmonberry, Rubusspectabilis:


Salmonberry is a native fruit of the west coast of North America. You can get these fruits in the moist forests and salmonberry looks like raspberries. They are sweet in taste and juice, candies, wine and jams are prepared out of them.

Star Apple, Chrysophyllumcainito:

star apple

In the low lying areas of Central America and West Indies these evergreen trees are found. Star apples are round, purple and have a thick skin with sweet fragrance.

Horned melon, Cucumismetuliferus:

Horned melon

This is known as African cucumber or jelly melon. Now these are grown in Australia, Chile, California and New Zealand. These fruits have a thick yellow as well as spiky outer skin and a bright green flesh like jelly. The flesh has a taste, quite same as banana and the skin is filled with fibre and vitamin c.