Monday, October 15

6 Types Of People You Love To Avoid As Life Partners

If you are a lady, you will just love to avoid such people to date or marry. Just have a look.

Politicians: They are excellent liars. They are to please and make fake promises to you and you will never find any other miraculous people like them to play with words. So, no room for you ladies to take them as life partners.


Salesman: They are common men to come in touch with various ladies and they can swindle you with their tricky words. Therefore generally a big no-no for them from the women as a life partner.


The police officers: As a lady, you are going to be bored up with a policeman as a date. They are always involved with guns, criminals, and duty. They are too aware about that. You will respect them truly, but won’t expect them as future husbands.


The drivers: They come in contact with hundreds and thousands of women. So they are not reliable to women. And they are not perfect for being husbands or date.


Security guards: They have their dignified job truly. It is just based on the opinions of women, not every security guard is just like this.

The entertainers/DJs: You will get bored with their songs, new mix ups, or parties. Sorry but true Mr. DJs, you are liked by people in random. But no life time commitment is expected from their part in your case.