Monday, October 15

6 Deadliest and Most Dangerous Animals You Probably Have Heard

Are there any animals which are more dangerous than snakes, bears, tigers, and lions? Yes, there are a few. Here you will find some of the deadliest animals, you have never known before.

Here is the list of six deadliest animals you have ever known:

Box Jellyfish


Being stung by this jellyfish, you can die. They can take away the life of human beings. It kills the prey by injecting the poison with tentacles. A sting can be fatal. Only the sea turtles have immunity from this box jellyfish.

Giant Hornet of Asia


This Asian giant Hornet is as big as thumb in size. It has such a wingspan which is even bigger than the hummingbirds. And these hornets can fly twenty five miles per hour. Numerous deaths are reported every year, due to these hornets.

Brazilian wandering Spider


The Brazilian wandering spider is the deadliest among all its kinds. They are highly venomous and aggressive and become active at night. A little dose of this spider can kill a mouse.

The cone snail

cone snail

They are too powerful that a small harpoon is used by these snails in order to inject bird, animal or human, any of the creatures. These snails grow up to four to six inches and especially found in the reefs of Indo-Pacific zone.

Golden Poison dart frog

Golden Poison dart frog

These frogs are brilliant and deadly, found in central as well as South America. Their coats are always vibrant and a single golden poison dart frog can kill ten adult human beings.

The Cape buffalo

Cape buffalo

These buffaloes are different from their species and they are unpredictable and dangerous at the same time. They are regarded as one of the deadliest animals found in Africa. These Cape buffaloes can even kill lions.