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20 Insane Dishes That Prove Instagram Has Ruined Food Forever

In the social media age, some people value sharing their experiences online more than simply enjoying being in the moment.

While there’s nothing wrong with documenting happy times and memories, I think many of us can agree that some take it way too far, especially when it comes to food. A quick search through Instagram yields thousands of images capturing pretty presentations of meals. Unfortunately, restaurants have caught on to this culture and taken an extra step to serve their dishes in increasingly creative forms — most of which don’t include regular dinnerware.

There’s no denying that these 20 unique dishes are interesting to look at, but it’s a safe bet to assume most customers would rather have simple plates.

1. I’m not even sure which parts of this are edible.

2. Sure, eating food from barbed wire is totally safe.

3. When your burger is actually just a giant meat stack.

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4. Just in case it starts raining on your food indoors.

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5. Surprisingly enough, breakfast isn’t that appetizing served in a shovel.

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6. Coffee inside a carrot makes perfect sense.

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7. At this point, it’d be easier to eat if you just threw everything into a blender.

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8. “The food is somewhere in there.”

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9. “That moment when everyone else gets plates and your dessert arrives on a porcelain horse head.”

Twitter / We Want Plates

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10. Nothing says winning like eating your meal out of a trophy.

Twitter / Jason Hazeley

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11. When you order orange juice at a restaurant and they expect you to squeeze it yourself.

Twitter / We Want Plates

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12. “I’ll have the Lady Gaga, please.”

Reddit / astronautyes

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13. “All that for a strawberry cut in half.”

Reddit / AmieKinz

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14. “Here, have a bookcase with your afternoon tea.”

Reddit / AlbertSpinestein

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15. “Fish and chips on a Ferris wheel. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. WE REPEAT, THIS IS NOT A DRILL.”

Twitter / We Want Plates

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16. How do you even begin to eat this mess without everything else collapsing?

Reddit / lovetosaydada

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17. “I only like my olives to be served on a silver spoon and placed beneath a miniature olive tree!”

Twitter / Will Dickinson

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18. Need a frozen hand with your salad?

Reddit / blackslawfictionary

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19. What exactly this restaurant was going for is an absolute mystery, but at least they included a plate?

Reddit / xiupng

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20. This stairway to chicken has an excellent cupboard under the stairs for chutney sauce storage.

Twitter / We Want Plates

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