Monday, October 15

20 Every Day Things That Tend to Infuriate Us

Some of us tend to be bothered by the smallest things. Not so much that we want to check ourselves into a psyche ward, but enough to say to ourselves, “Really? This again?” Here are 20 every day examples of that – do any of them resonate with you?

1.) That’s fine, I didn’t want to wash my hands anyway.

2.) Every. Time.

3.) Toast rage rising.

4.) Great, now my entire day and drink are both ruined.

5.) How am I supposed to eat now?

6.) Thanks for doing the exact opposite of your job, eraser.

7.) Can’t even express my grief.

8.) … the whole park is ruined.

9.) Someone should have thought about this by now.

10.) Ultimate soap waste.

11.) Can’t process exactly how this happened.

12.) Well, I didn’t want to use it anyway.

13.) Standard sized paper is not standard? Check.

14.) Your binder will never been the same again.

15.) Really, Heinz?

16.) *eye twitch*

17.) Starving is a better option than fishing it out

18.) Heinz is the most evil company on the planet, apparently.

19.) Someone is getting ripped off here…

20.) Too many apostrophes. Just … too many.

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