Monday, October 15

15 Parenting Hacks That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

It’s rough out here for parents, folks. Kids are the least predictable little critters on this Earth, so keeping them safe, happy, and in line is a monumental task.

From learning how to stop your kid from dropping his sippy cup in the grocery store to keeping track of their medicine, these 15 easy parenting hacks are pure gold. You guys have enough to worry about as you try to mold little humans into big ones, so let us make things a little easier for you!

1. Draw a chart on the side of the medicine bottle to keep track of your kid’s dosage.

2. Keep your toddler busy on planes by putting gel clings on the window.

3. Misplace your keys? Send the kids out on a scavenger hunt so you can do something more important, like actually enjoy your morning coffee.

4. Little ones love fries, so why not trick them into getting some fruit in by mimicking that easy-to-eat shape?

5. Use coffee filters for no-fuss snack plates.

6. It’s so easy to lose track of baby socks, so wash them in delicates bags to keep the washer from eating them.

7. Get crafty when the kiddos start rioting for dinner by making your kitchen tools broaden their horizons. Apple cutters for onions? Sure!

8. Disguise candy as health food by repurposing bags and containers. Keep those chocolates for yourself, friends. You deserve them.

9. Quickly baby-proof those dangerous edges and corners with pool noodles.

10. You probably have like 34,000 wooden spoons in the kitchen, so if your little one is teething, let her borrow one!

11. Keep them busy by letting them “paint” with water.

12. Save a buck by putting stickers on cups instead of buying the expensive ones.

13. Excite their imaginations by putting healthy snacks in ice cube trays.

14. Strap that sippy cup to your child so you can focus on actually shopping.

15. Zero children like taking their medicine. If yours is finicky, dip a lollipop in and watch the magic happen.

Parenting is hard! There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t take a few shortcuts every now and then.

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