Monday, October 15

10 Weirdest Dishes You Have Ever Tasted

Do you love to experiment with food? In this entire world a huge variety of bizarre or too scary foods are available. Among them ten weirdest and intriguing foods are here.These 10 weirdest dishes are almost from every part of this world, and these will give your stomach a different feeling.

Fugu – Japan


Fugu, the Japanese pufferfish, is enough poisonous to kill about thirty people. Years of good training is needed to cook this dish. If you are wishing to try Fugu, visit Japan during October to March.

Haggis – Scotland


This is regarded as Scotland’s national dish, which includes sheep’s heart, lungs, spices, onion, liver and stock. Haggis is considered as a great source of iron and fibre.

Fried spider-Cambodia

Fried spider

Being a creature of tarantula variety, this spiders are fried, both outside and inside, to be servedas a quick snacks in Cambodia. It is a good resource of protein, and rumored that it increases the beauty of the consumer.

Chicken’s feet- found mainly in Asian countries, South America, Caribbean and South Africa.

Chicken’s feet

These yummy chicken’s feet can create delicious dish when flavored properly.

Prairie Oysters – Canada

Prairie Oysters

This awesomely delightful dish is prepared from testicles of bull and named as Rocky Mountain Oysters in Canada. These are served both as fried and stuffed, along with herbs, spices, sauces and dips, giving youa taste of cowboy cuisine.

Black pudding-Available mainly in Asia, America, Africa and in some other countries.

Black pudding

This is actually blood sausage cooked with natural flavors, breadcrumbs and stuffed into a skin. Numerous people are there who are fond of this dish.

Tripe- found all over the world


The stomach of various animals have a texture of honeycomb which looks like sponge. Generally they are served with different sauces for adding flavor and onion can accompany it the best.

Spam-the mystery meat of USA


Spam is considered as the most famous mystery meat, which is made up of the chopped meat from pork’s shoulder, along with ham as well as potato starch.

Jing leed- a house of grasshoppers in Thailand

Jing leed

This dish is especially prepared with the fried grasshoppers mixed up with salt, pepper powder and chili. It is delicious as it tastes like the skin of hollow popcorn. Want to taste? Then take your next trip to Thailand.



This popular Korean snack dish is made out of soft and lovely silkworm by boiling them and a little seasoned. They generally taste like wood in the beginning. You can try this for a different taste!